Why Do I Need Emergency Evacuation Insurance?

by w k vandiver

You may ask, Why do I need Emergency Evacuation Insurance? Let's take a look at some of the things that can happen which would make it essential that you have emergency evacuation insurance. Always remember that when you travel emergencies can happen and emergency evacuation insurance could be essential to get you home if it does. Also, oftentimes, the cost of an emergency evacuation can be more than $100,000.

Why in the world does an evacuation cost so much? Well, suppose some catastrophic accident or illness happens while you're traveling and your condition is so serious that you must remain immobilized and rushed to the nearest medical facility for treatment.

You will definitely need some sort of transportation to move you to the nearest medical facility. Once there it may not be the place you need to be for the treatment or surgery necessary to save your life so you will have to be moved to another, better medical facility that can stabilize your condition and save your life. This move will could involve an air ambulance (either a private jet or a helicopter). Why a private flight? Because today most passenger airlines won't allow you to be moved on their commercial flights due to possible liability costs, they just don't want to get involved.

Even if commercial airlines would take the risk and allow you on a flight you will have to purchase extra seats, enough for you to be properly immobilized plus the seats for the medical personnel you will need to care for you until you reach your final medical facility. And you have to pay the medical people their fees and return flights.

Now try to imagine how much all of that will cost. I wouldn't want to have to pay for all of that out of my own pocket and I doubt that you would want to either.

So do you need Emergency Evacuation Insurance? It's not a bad idea at all when you are traveling but if your travels involve any sort of possibly dangerous activities such as safaris, hunting, exotic fishing trips, skiing, etc. then yes I would say that emergency evacuation insurance is absolutely essential.

What should you expect to pay for Emergency Evacuation Insurance? It's not expensive, it should cost you less than $80 for a 3 month policy. This would provide you with at least $100,000 for Emergency Medical Evacuation and there are other benefits as well, including; emergency reunion, return of mortal remains, return of minor children, ad&d, etc. Of course these other benefits will be slightly different from policy to policy and company to company.

Most good Travel Medical Insurance plans include an emergency evacuation benefit as part of the coverage included. If you need help with your Travel Medical Insurance help is available.

So, to sum it all up, if you want to assure that you are covered for an Emergency Medical Evacuation Insurance make sure you have the right kind of insurance.

Thank you for your time and I hope you read more of my articles in the future.

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