What to Look for in a Global Employers International Group Medical Insurance Plan

By W Kenneth Vandiver

Last time was the introduction to a good Global Employers Group Medical Insurance plan, we went over what it is and what services are provided by International Medical Group. This time we will cover the various Benefits which should be part of a Global Employers Group Medical Insurance plan. OK, let's get to it.

What are some of the Group Medical Benefits you should expect? Here is a list of what to look for.

Selectable coverage area, a rate guarantee for a specified period of time, selectable maximum lifetime benefit per person, selectable annual deductible, extensive PPO network of providers, good coinsurance for medical expenses both inside and outside the PPO network, good physician office benefits, adult and child wellness benefits, good illness and/or accident benefits, extensive hospital services, maternity coverage preferably covered as any other illness, pre-natal care, post-natal Care, newborn baby care (Well-Baby), other medical services availability (including Chiropractic Care, Durable Medical Equipment, extensive list of eligible medical expenses), supplemental accident benefits.

Since this is a Global Employers Group Medical Insurance Plan we should also look for coverages specifically designed for overseas including the following: emergency medical evacuation (with high enough maximum to cover any evacuation), emergency reunion. return of mortal remains.

A Global Employers Group Medical Insurance plan should also include these benefits: home health care & extended care facility, human organ covered transplants, local ambulance, physical therapy, prescription drugs,

It should offer common, complementary medicine like acupuncture, aroma therapy, herbal therapy, magnetic therapy, massage therapy and vitamin therapy.

It should also include Vision Benefits; both exams and materials (frames, lenses, contacts), cover Mental/Nervous Disorders, Alcohol & Substance Abuse.

You should be able to get Certificates of Creditable Coverage for Pre-Existing Conditions and Medical Insurance Continuation.

Of course, you should be able to obtain the insurance certificate wording that gives a complete description by requesting one.

A Global Employers Group Medical Insurance plan should also offer some Supplemental Insurance Programs like Term Life and Accidental Death and Dismemberment Insurance with selectable principal sums and a Dental plan with selectable maximums and levels of coverage. There should also be a Daily Indemnity Insurance option available.

Preferably your Global Employers Group Medical Insurance plan should have a pretty extensive list of Emergency Travel Assistance services available. With Emergency Travel Arrangements, Lost Passport/Travel Documents Assistance, Lost Luggage Assistance, Embassy or Consulate Referral, Emergency Message Relay, Emergency Prescription Replacement, Medical Referral, 24-Hour Medical Monitoring, Emergency Cash Transfer, Legal Referrals and Emergency Translations included. Hopefully at no extra cost.

There should be service centers, both in the U.S. and a Europe. This will insure that your Global Employers Group Medical Insurance provider can can give better service to you wherever your employees are located.

If you can find a Global Employers Group Medical Insurance plan that has all of this then obviously you have found a good plan.

Thank you for your time and I hope you read more of my articles in the future.

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