What is Short Term Travel Insurance?

Author: Ken Vandiver

Exactly What is Short Term Travel Insurance? Very probably you think that it is a form of travel insurance which you would use only for short trips or vacations. Well, that is only partially correct. Most Short Term Travel Insurance plans can be purchased for up to a year and many can be renewed up to two or three years.

We'll look at a couple examples.

First let's say you are going on a 5 day trip and you want to get travel insurance. No problem simply purchase your travel insurance or travel medical insurance for the 5 days and go. If your trip ends in the planned 5 days then you have truly purchased a Short Term Travel Insurance policy. However, if for some reason you need to extend your trip you also extend your insurance. Couldn't be more simple.

For the next example let's go on an extended vacation of three months. We purchase our Short Term Travel insurance plan for the three months. Now you go on your long vacation and while you are in oh let's say Italy or Germany you fall in love with the place and decide to stay and additional 3 months. Again no problem, just extend your short term travel insurance for another 3 months.

Now let's use the last example and you decide after 6 months that you are going to stay in Italy or Germany for another year. One more time it's no problem renew your Short Term Travel Insurance policy for a year this time. You can continue to renew your Short Term Travel Insurance for up to two years. Not bad for a short term insurance plan huh!

So exactly what is a Short Term Travel Insurance plan? Pretty much what you want it to be, at least for up to two years. If your are purchasing the travel medical insurance, which I would suggest you do, you will have U.S. style medical insurance while you are enjoying yourself in a new country.

Plus with the right plan you will even be covered for short trips back to the U.S. if you have to return for some reason. Usually up to two week trips home but not just for the purpose of medical treatment of illness or injury sustained while traveling.

Some of the normal features and benefits of a good short term travel insurance plan. Selectable plan maximum and deductible, hospital room and board, coinsurance, intensive care, outpatient medical, medical expenses, prescription drugs, local ambulance, emergency room accident, emergency illness with and without in-patient admission, dental, emergency evacuation, return of mortal remains, emergency reunion, returning minor children, political evacuation, basic sports and activities coverage, common carrier accidental death, terrorism coverage, identity theft assistance, natural disaster benefits and trip interruption  There should also be other benefits available when you purchase optional riders.

Premiums will vary from plan to plan and from company to company, but for a traveler in their thirties for a $500,000 plan and a $250 deductible the rate for a good short term travel insurance plan should be less than $60 a month for an international plan excluding the U.S. If you will be traveling to the U.S. it will probably be less than $85 a month. Considering all of the benefits it's not a bad deal at all.

So, how do you find a Short Term Travel Insurance plan like the one described here? You can find out how at http://www.globaltravelcoverage.com or contact the agent there using their contact form.

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