Travel Medical Insurance - 6 Reasons to Have it When You Travel Overseas

Author: Ken Vandiver

Millions of people travel outside of the United States each year and about 20 to 25 percent purchase Travel Medical Insurance. Why not everyone you might ask, well it's probably because many travelers don't even think about why they should have travel insurance, what the benefits are or what the cost is. Here are five reasons you should have Travel Medical Insurance for your trip or vacation.

  1. Of course, the Medical Benefits of a good travel medical insurance policy is probably the main reason. It will have hospital room and board, intensive care, extensive medical expenses, outpatient medical, local ambulance, prescription drugs, emergency room accident and more. It's very possibly as good as the health insurance you have at home.
  2. Flexibility when purchasing a travel medical insurance policy. You are able to select the deductible you are comfortable with, usually from $0 to $2,500 . The standard deductible is usually $250. You can also choose the policy maximum you want. This will normally vary from $50,000 to $2,000,000.
  3. International emergency care benefits a good travel medical insurance policy should have. When you travel outside of your home country you will also have these benefits; emergency medical evacuation, emergency reunion, return of mortal remains, returning minor children and political evacuation. If anything should occur while in another country which would require the use of any of these benefits having them could save you thousands of dollars.
  4. Additional benefits of a good travel medical insurance policy. Covered injury or illness will be covered for 6 months from date it occurred. Incidental home country coverage, end of trip home country coverage, common carrier accidental death, sports and activities coverage, accidental death and dismemberment, terrorism coverage, identity theft assistance, natural disaster, trip interruption and lost luggage.
  5. Optional Riders available: Adventure sports rider for those extreme sports fans among us, enhanced AD&D rider available to the primary insured and a Citizenship return rider to provide temporary medical coverage for non-U.S. Citizens returning to their country of citizenship or for U.S. citizens provides up to 60 days of coverage for brief returns to the U.S.
  6. What is the cost of a good travel medical insurance policy you might be asking yourself? Don't worry it really isn't expensive at all. Let's say you are traveling with another person and the both of you are in your thirties. You want a travel medical insurance policy with a $0 deductible and $500,000 policy maximum and you are going overseas for 2 weeks. The cost of a good travel medical insurance policy should be approximately $55.00. Wow, I bet you thought it would be over a hundred dollars! For $55 why wouldn't you protect yourself and your loved ones?

To sum it all up, purchasing a good Travel Medical Insurance policy is a really good idea. You get medical benefits very possibly as good or better than what you have at home, flexible deductibles and policy maximums, international emergency care benefits, all of the additional benefits, available optional riders and the low cost of purchasing a good travel medical insurance policy. When you consider all of these benefits you get for a low price, it seems to me that it would be foolish to travel overseas without it. You can find out how to get your travel insurance on-line at or contact the agent there using their contact form.

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