Travel Insurance, How Many Types are There?

Author: Ken Vandiver

First let's see what the various high level types of Travel Insurance are. It's a short list: trip insurance, travel medical insurance and emergency evacuation insurance. However these three types can also be broken down to several types. There is multi-trip insurance, adventure travel insurance, group travel insurance,  missionary insurance and student insurance. Many of these various types will blend together or have many of the same benefits but often at different levels of coverage. The purpose of this article is to give a somewhat brief explanation of each of the types and their uses.

Trip Insurance: When you are taking a trip or vacation which is extremely expensive (I know this is subjective) and is pre-paid you should seriously consider purchasing a Trip Cancellation Insurance policy common called Trip Insurance. This type of insurance will pay you if you have to cancel your trip for a any of a number of reasons. There are normally other benefits included with this type of insurance (trip interruption, trip delay, baggage insurance, baggage delay, emergency medical expenses, emergency medical evacuation, emergency reunion, common carrier ad&d), I will be writing another article soon to go into more detail about the benefits of trip insurance.  Also usually this is for trips of 30 days or less and is usually purchased within a specified period of time after your trip is paid for. Also avoid buying Trip Insurance from the same travel provider you purchase your trip from.

Travel Medical Insurance: this is the most common of the various type of Travel Insurance. The reason is that it is basically the most comprehensive (has the most benefits) of all of them. Here is a list of the benefits: baggage insurance, hospital room and board, intensive care, medical expenses, outpatient medical, local ambulance, prescription drugs, emergency room accident, emergency illness, dental/acute onset of pain, , emergency medical evacuation, emergency reunion, return of minor children, political evacuation, basic sports activities, ad&d, terrorism, identity theft, natural disaster, trip interruption, lost luggage, indemnity, common carrier ad&d. You will almost always have an Option to purchase other insurance coverage such as extreme sports, enhanced ad&d and possibility other coverage also. There could be other benefits depending upon the policy selected and the company.

Multi-trip Insurance: this type of travel insurance is similar to travel medical insurance except you pay an annual and will be insured for multiple trips throughout the year. The premiums are pretty good but trips are limited to, usually, 30 or 45 days.

Adventure Insurance: is a type of travel medical insurance with benefits for extreme sports the types of sports are generally the same but be sure to check the brochure before you buy to make sure that your favorite sports are covered. Many plans will have a fixed deductible (no selection of deductible) and the policy maximum is often less than (and not selectable) in other travel medical insurance plans.

Group Travel Medical Insurance: pretty much the same as an individual travel medical insurance plan except it is purchased by a group. The group would normally be 5 or more which means even a large family traveling together, school groups, missionary groups or any other organized group would be eligible to purchase a group travel medical insurance plan.

Missionary Insurance: this type of travel medical insurance is designed specifically for Missionary and Church Outreach groups. Normally you will have the choice of deductibles and policy maximums and the policies can be renewed up to 2 years, some plans have a maximum of only 1 year. Most of these plans are Group plans.

Student Insurance: this type of travel medical insurance is specifically designed to meet the needs of international students and scholars. Like many of the other types of travel insurance you have the choice of deductibles and policy maximums.

Emergency Evacuation Insurance: is basically a form of travel insurance used only for Emergency Medical Evacuation. It does normally have a few other benefits like emergency reunion, return of mortal remains, ad&d, trip interruption, return of minor children and political evacuation. Most times if you have a good travel medical insurance policy it will include emergency evacuation insurance, many times with a higher coverage amount.

That's it for the overview of the various types of travel insurance, I will be writing other articles soon with a more detailed look at each of them. You may also go the links provided to get more details about the types of travel medical insurance and trip insurance available.

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Thank you for your time and I hope that you read more of my articles in the future.


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