Do You Need Expat Medical Insurance?

By W Kenneth Vandiver

Many countries today have some sort of state sponsored medical plan but without your own medical insurance you will not get the kind of service and coverage you will want. There is a Global Medical Insurance plan that could be just what you're looking for, it's ideal for Expatriates. This expat medical insurance plan provides the U.S. style medical benefits you are accustomed to.

This particular expat medical insurance plan has been available for awhile but it has recently been enhanced. Here are the highlights of this newly enhanced Expat Global Medical Insurance plan.

You can custom build this GMI plan especially for your own needs. It provides Flexible Worldwide Coverage to meet your needs and is backed by the Comprehensive World-Class Services that you expect from a good insurer. From routine care to complex case management to emergency medical situations, the company is there with their support services. Regardless of your location, these programs provide you with prompt access to invaluable international services and resources.

The insurer has introduced a New Medical Concierge Program. It is an unequalled service that provides you with personalized assistance in locating the best provider for your specific needs, while saving you out-of-pocket and medical expenses. The program has been designed to provide critical information on provider ratings, treatment outcome and cost of care prior to receiving medical treatment. Flexible Worldwide Coverage - GMI can adapt to your needs so you can easily design the benefits package tailored to your needs.

The GMI program offers 4 benefit options, each with specialized coverages.

The options are Silver, Gold (new), Gold Plus (originally Gold) and Platinum. Gold plan option - Gold offers the same level of benefits for the first 36 months of coverage as the Gold Plus plan option. Certain benefits will then be reduced beginning the first day of the 37th month (renewal year 3) from the original effective date. This plan option offers significant savings over the Gold Plus plan option. In addition, GMI can adapt to your budget. You can choose from 2 areas of coverage, 7 deductible options and 4 premium modes.

Optional riders available, including the Maternity rider (Silver, Gold, Gold Plus) that includes coverage for new born care & congenital disorders ($250,000 for the first 31 days), many plans on the market exclude this. There is also the Global Term Life Insurance (including AD&D) option and Optional Daily Indemnity. On the Platinum plan you have 2 more Options available, Terrorism Rider and the Sports Rider for Adventure sports. Underwriting options include a new Flexible Underwriting Option with which you may be able to obtain coverage when you have been declined by other companies.

For a nominal administration fee, coverage is extended for a pre-existing condition following 24 months of continuous coverage during which you are symptom free, advice or treatment free for a particular condition.

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