Cheap Travel Insurance, is it a Wise Choice?

Cheap Travel Insurance, is it a Wise Choice?

Author: Ken Vandiver

We'll talk about Cheap Travel Insurance in a moment, first let's first take a look at buying cheap in general. Be honest, is buying cheap always the smart thing to do? Last year bought a new toaster. I shopped around for the best price and finally settled on the cheapest one I could find. Guess what, within a month I had to get another one. This time I got a much better one and am very happy with it. Sometimes it's best to get a better quality because it is very probably less expensive in the long run.

The same goes for Travel Insurance. What are the real benefits of buying cheap travel insurance instead of the Best Travel Insurance for your needs? The only benefit I can think of is that you might save a couple dollars, literally a couple of dollars, when you buy cheap travel insurance.

Since there are probably hundreds of travel insurance plans out there and dozens of companies I won't show you a bunch of cheap premiums. But I will look at the pros and cons of buying Cheap Travel Insurance. I have researched quite a few websites to find cheap travel insurance policies while at the same time looking at the benefits to see what you give up when purchasing the cheap plans. After all of my research I could only find one advantage of buying cheap travel insurance, You save a little money, nothing else! When buying cheap insurance you have to decide what type of benefits you are willing to do without. Or put another way you need to see into the future and decide what couldn't possibly happen to you while traveling or on vacation. I don't know about you but my crystal ball doesn't tell me what the future holds so when I travel I get the Best Travel Insurance, insurance that meets the needs for the traveling I am doing. I would prefer to have a little more travel insurance than I might think I will need rather than not enough. Because it is the health and life of my family and myself that I am really worried about, not how I can save a few dollars.

To show you what I'm talking about let's take what many people might consider a typical vacation for two people, a trip to Bermuda for a week. If you haven't been there, consider it because it is a wonderful place to go to relax for a week. Anyway, back to the subject at hand. This vacation doesn't involve anything dangerous like mountain climbing, just sun and beach and maybe a few nights clubbing and of course, eating some really good food. Since we will be out of the country let's look a good Travel Medical Insurance policy, one thing though, good doesn't necessarily mean expensive. Good means that it very probably meets your needs for your vacation or trip.

A good Travel Medical Insurance policy should cover any medical expenses you may have while on vacation, of course you should select a policy maximum that will cover just about anything which might happen. I suggest at least $100,000 (I prefer $500,000) as the policy maximum and a $0 deductible. The reason is that the maximum should be plenty of coverage and the zero deductible means that you won't have to pay anything out of your own funds should something bad happen. You are probably wondering what this kind of travel medical insurance policy might cost, well it's not expensive, it would be $26.25 for IMG's Patriot International Travel Medical Insurance policy with a $500,000 maximum and $0 deductible. This is for a man 35 and a woman 32 for 7 days. There is a link below where you can see all of the benefits of this plan if you want. But I can tell you that you would be hard pressed to find a better travel medical insurance policy than this one. You can find a cheaper one but with less benefits and the savings might be a dollar or two, not really worth the effort. The only thing not covered is trip cancellation but that option is available for approximately 4% of the pre-paid cost of your trip.

I have to say that if you can get a first class Travel Medical Insurance policy for your vacation for 2 for only $26.25 for the week, why would you be looking for something cheaper. This is not expensive at all.

Well, even though I couldn't find an benefit to buying Cheap Travel Insurance except for saving a dollar or two, hopefully you have learned that the Best Travel Insurance for your trip isn't expensive at all. Of course the type of travel insurance I would recommend depends on your particular needs for the trip you are taking.

You can find out how to get your travel insurance on-line at or contact the agent there using their contact form.

Thank you for your time and I hope you read more of my articles in the future.

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