Patriot Travel Medical Insurance

Why Patriot Travel Medical Insurance is so Popular?

Travel medical insurance is the most comprehensive travel insurance you can get to protect yourself and your family when traveling on business  or taking a family vacation.

Patriot Travel Medical Insurance is our most popular travel medical insurance plan, let me explain to you just why that is.

We have travel medical insurance plans which cover more and plans which cover less but overall, for the money, our Patriot Travel Medical Insurance plan is the best one for many, many travelers.

The Patriot Travel Medical Insurance plan includes the following: Click on the "View the Benefits" link on the main page to see more detail

Selection of deductible from $0 to $2,500
Policy maximum option from $50,000 to $2,000,000
Hospital Room and Board, pays up to Policy Maximum
Intensive Care, pays up to Policy Maximum
Medical Expenses, pays up to Policy Maximum
Outpatient Medical, pays up to Policy Maximum
Local Ambulance, pays up to Policy Maximum
Prescription Drugs, pays up to Policy Maximum
Emergency Room Accidents, pays up to Policy Maximum
Emergency Medical Evacuation, pays up to $500,000
Emergency Reunion, pays up to $50,000
Return of Mortal Remains, pays up to $50,000
Return of Minor Children, pays up to $50,000
Political Evacuation, pays up to $50,000
Incidental Home Country Coverage, up to cumulative 2 weeks
End of Trip Home Country Coverage, you can purchase up to 2 months more
Common Carrier AD&D, $50,000 payable to beneficiary, maximum of $250,000 per family
Sports & Activities, pays up to Policy Maximum for Basic Sports. You can purchase an Optional Sports Rider also
AD&D, optional Rider available up to $400,000
Terrorism, pays up to $50,000 lifetime maximum
Identity Theft, pays up to $500 per period of coverage
Natural Disaster, pays $100 per day for 5 days
Trip Interruption, pays up to $5,000
Lost Luggage, pays up to $50 per item of personal property up to maximum of $250 per period of coverage

Now that's a pretty comprehensive list of coverages, isn't it. You get all of this peace of mind for a nominal cost, something like $46.00 for a 2 week vacation (for a husband and wife ages 35 and 32). That's a good price considering all of the protection and peace of mind you get.

You may be thinking that you don't want to spend even this small amount even on a really good Travel Medical Insurance plan. Well, you can get a really cheap plan, but, always a "but" right?
Just what do you want to give up?

OK, look at what's covered and decide what coverage you don't need (presupposing, of course, that you can see the future). Now that can be a really tough decision because if you skimp on one type of coverage and something happens on your trip that could have been covered you would feel really bad. You might be able to save $5 or $10 dollars by buying a really cheap travel insurance plan, but remember, just 1 unforeseen incident will very probably cost you much, much more than any amount you could save by not having any insurance or by having inadequate travel medical insurance.

You might also think that your credit cards will cover you when traveling, please check them to see exactly what is covered. Most don't give adequate protection at all, just the bare minimum.

If you think that the insurance you have at home will cover your vacation or travel the same as the Patriot Travel Medical Insurance plan, check it carefully. Most times none of your insurance at home will cover you in other countries or if it does, again it is usually very minimal.

Patriot Travel Medical Insurance, never Travel without it. The money you save by not having it is really not worth the risk.