Sky Rescue Emergency Evacuation Insurance Benefits

Schedule of Benefits

All amounts listed are in U.S. dollars. Click the titles to see further information.

INTERNATIONAL EMERGENCY CARE (when coordinated through the Plan Administrator)

Emergency Medical Evacuation Up To $100,000
The plan includes coverage for emergency medical evacuation to the nearest qualified medical facility; expenses for reasonable travel and accommodation resulting from the evacuation; and the cost of returning to either the home country or the country where the evacuation occurred up to $100,000. Up to $25,000 will be paid for the eligible costs and expenses of an emergency medical evacuation arising or resulting from a sudden and unexpected recurrence of a pre-existing condition.
Emergency Reunion Up to $15,000
The plan provides emergency reunion coverage, up to $15,000 for a maximum of 15 days, for the reasonable travel and lodging expenses of a relative or friend during an emergency medical evacuation: either the cost of accompanying the insured during the evacuation or traveling from the home country to be reunited with the insured.
Return of Mortal Remains Up to $20,000
If a covered illness/injury results in death, expenses for repatriation of bodily remains or ashes to the home country will be covered up to a maximum of $20,000.

To be eligible for the Evacuation, Reunion and Return benefits, these must be recommended by the attending physician in critical medical situations, and approved in advance and coordinated by IMG.

Accidental Death and Dismemberment Up To to $100,000

In the event of the accidental death of an insured, the plan will pay $100,000 to the insured's estate or designated beneficiary provided that the death was not the result of a pre-existing condition. In the event of dismemberment suffered by an insured, the plan will pay as specified below:

Loss Benefit
Sight of one eye $50,000
One hand or one foot $50,000
One hand and the loss of sight in one eye $100,000
One foot and the loss of sight of one eye $100,000
One hand and one foot $100,000
Both hands or both feet $100,000
Sight of both eyes $100,000
Trip Interruption Up to $5,000
If, during a covered trip, there is a death of an immediate family member (spouse, child, parent or sibling) or the substantial destruction of the insuredís principal residence, the plan will pay to return the insured to the area of principal residence. The plan will pay for a one-way air or ground transportation ticket of the same class as the unused travel ticket, less the value of the unused return ticket.
Lost Luggage Up To $50 per item; maximum of $250 per Period of Coverage
This benefit will be paid in the event that the Common Carrier permanently loses an insured personís checked luggage. This coverage is secondary to any other available coverage, including the Carrierís.
Returning Minor Children Up To $5,000 when coordinated through the Plan Administrator
If an insured person is hospitalized due to a covered illness/injury and is traveling alone with child(ren) 19 or under that otherwise would be left unattended, the plan will pay up to $5,000 for one way economy fare to their home country, including a chaperone, if necessary, for the safety of the child(ren).
Political Evacuation And Repatriation Up To $10,000 when coordinated through the Plan Administrator
If the United States Department of State issues a travel advisory that becomes effective or is in effect on or after the insured''s date of arrival, the plan will pay up to $10,000 for transportation to the nearest place of safety or for repatriation to the insuredís home country. The insured must contact the plan administrator within 10 days of the travel advisory and the evacuation/repatriation must be approved and coordinated by the plan administrator.
Personal Liability Coverage As Described Below
Injury to a Third Person: Up to $2,000 after a $100 special deductible
Damage to a Third Person's Property: Up to $500 after a $100 special deductible

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